Distributor of Subsurface Detection Systems and Utility Instruments

Innovative technologies for the Australian geo-market.

Leak Detection

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Magnetic Hoist Hammers

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CCTV Inspection Systems

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Acoustic Imaging

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Transit time ultrasonic flowmeter
Man operating Perja products
Dill-Tech works in collaboration with our suppliers to introduce new and innovative technologies for the Australian geo-market.

Our products are underground detection systems and utility instrumentation and software.  These professional products are especially for Gas & Oil, Water and Wastewater, Refineries and wide range of other industries, commercial and residential.

Water and gas leakage in transmission lines, main lines, distribution networks, branches, valve, and meters is one of the biggest problems in this industry and creates high costs for companies annually. In industrial areas, leaks in cooling water lines, fire-fighting water lines, etc., cause significant damage and crises. The importance of water, leak control, accident prevention, and water consumption management is increasing every day and has become one of the country's concerns.

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Oil & Gas Industry

Water & Sewage Industry

General Usage Industry